I’m Greg Orman, and I’m running as an Independent for U.S. Senate because Washington is broken and we need a new approach.

Most of us agree that both parties in Washington are partially to blame.  Politicians in Congress are more concerned with protecting political power than solving the real problems we face. From running government more effectively, to keeping a college education affordable to creating the jobs and economy of the future, we need a Senator who puts Kansas ahead of any political party.  

Like many of you, I’ve watched both Republicans and Democrats promise to make things better, and after years of failing to deliver anything, it’s clear that neither party has our best interests at heart. I’m running for U.S. Senate because Kansas needs someone who will work with either political party when they have the best idea, so we can finally get results.

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Orman discusses policy problems with a fluency rare among Senate candidates and unusual among senators ... The Senate’s intellectual voltage would be increased by Orman’s election.

George F. Will
George Will: High stakes in Kansas

SHAWNEE, Kan. — Tacked to the wall of Greg Orman’s campaign office is a print of a John Steuart Curry painting, “Tragic Prelude,” that hangs in the capitol in Topeka. It depicts John Brown of Osawatomie, 39 miles south of...

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Senate candidates differ on overturning Citizens United ruling

Peter Hancock
Lawrence Journal-World

TOPEKA — U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts last week voted against a proposed constitutional amendment that would limit campaign expenditures by corporations. But Greg Orman, his independent challenger in this year's election, said he would support such an amendment.

Roberts was among 42 Republican senators who voted...

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Why we need a change in Washington

To try to win another election, Pat Roberts is lying about Greg Orman's position on immigration. The truth? Roberts has been in DC for 47 years. When Pat Roberts first went to DC, there were 2 million illegal immigrants in America. Today there are over 11 million. Washington politicians like Pat Roberts have utterly failed to address this problem. It's time for new leadership to tackle the challenges we face.

Updated 9/30/14

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