The federal government has an obligation to be a good steward of the dollars it spends. It needs to recognize that every dollar it receives comes from a taxpayer who worked hard to earn it. That means government personnel must work effectively and at a high level of performance.

As a businessperson,  I realize the corrosive effect that poor performing employees can have on a company and its culture. I also realize that companies that don’t effectively manage the performance of their employees often enter into a downward spiral and fail.

We need to bring accountability to all aspects of our government. In some areas of the U.S. government,  an employee is much more likely to pass away than they are to be let go for performance issues. While I’m sure the vast majority of government employees want to do a great job for the American people,  the statistics demonstrate that they are not being held accountable.

We need to bring a new level of performance and accountability to federal bureaucracies. While federal employees who are falling short should be given the opportunity to improve their job performance,  employees who consistently under perform should be let go.

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