Agricultural Policy

Having had the chance to travel the state and meet with farmers and agricultural policy makers, I have a great appreciation for the agricultural tradition and the critical importance of agriculture in the state of Kansas.

We need to make sure federal policy continues to encourage a robust agricultural sector in the state of Kansas. Continued support for the federal crop insurance program is critical to ensuring a vibrant agricultural community. In the United States Senate, I would be an advocate for federal crop insurance to guarantee that our farmers have a way to protect against the risks of an increasingly unpredictable environment.

Water issues are also of vital importance to Kansas’ farmers. With the continued depletion of the Ogallala aquifer and the ongoing impact of historically low moisture, water is becoming a bigger and bigger issue to western and central Kansas. We need to ensure that our federal policies are balanced and aren’t encouraging the over-consumption of water to the detriment of Kansas’ farmers.

Having attended the 3i convention and talked to farmers and leaders throughout the state, it’s clear to me that farmers are natural innovators. No problem seems too large for the creativity of a farmer to solve. Bringing private sector capital to these ideas could lead to an economic boom in our agricultural communities. As a United States Senator, I would also make it my personal mission to help the agricultural community capitalize on the innovation they demonstrate daily.

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