Biggest winner on U.S. Senate primary night not even on the ballot

Biggest winner on U.S. Senate primary night not even on the ballot

SHAWNEE, Kan. — On a night when the multi-term Republican incumbent could barely scrape together 48 percent of the GOP primary vote, and the Democratic nominee squeaked out a win against a little-known opponent who raised a total of $2,600, the clear winner on Tuesday was the Independent candidate who wasn’t even on the ballot: Olathe businessman Greg Orman.

Sen. Pat Roberts’ stunningly weak victory was further underscored by his huge cash advantage, funded to a large degree by Washington Political Action Committees. Roberts outspent the competition by more than two to one but could only garner 48 percent of the Republican vote, the lowest percentage ever recorded for an incumbent Senate candidate in Kansas.

Democratic nominee Chad Taylor got a scare from an unknown challenger who raised just $2,600. Despite that fact, Taylor’s opponent still managed to win in convincing fashion four of the six highest-populated counties in the state: Johnson, Wyandotte, Douglas and Leavenworth.

Heading into the general election for the U.S. Senate this fall, the field is set:

  • A damaged Republican career politician who lost the support of 52 percent of GOP primary voters;
  • An unknown, unfunded Democrat who barely made it out of the primary against an even more unknown opponent; and,
  • Greg Orman, a fresh, well-resourced Independent businessman with support from Republicans, Democrats and Independents and strong momentum in a year when voters clearly want an alternative to partisan nonsense.

Mr. Orman, who in 2010 founded the Common Sense Coalition, an organization created to give voice to the millions of independents and centrists across the country, said the primary results are a clear indication that Kansans are fed up with the extreme partisans in Washington who care more about their own reelection than solving the nation’s problems.

“Kansans from Shawnee to Topeka to Wichita to Garden City are telling me they’re sick and tired of the partisan posturing and gamesmanship that’s tied Washington in political knots,” said Orman. “Members of Congress have failed to act on a wide range of issues important to Kansas, putting their own self interests ahead of what best serves the public interest.”

Last week Mr. Orman submitted more than 11,500 signatures of Kansans from all 105 counties to the Secretary of State’s office in Topeka as part of the petition drive to qualify him for the November ballot.

For more information about Greg Orman and his Independent campaign for U.S. Senate, please visit the campaign online at or contact Sam Edelen at or 913-730-6243.

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