Bus Tour, Day 2: Manhattan, Salina

We continued our service tour into the second day by visiting the Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc., or MESI. During our tour, we were given a look into the daily efforts of the shelter. In 2013, the shelter housed 475 individuals and provided housing assistance through their rapid re-housing and permanent housing programs to 697 adults. The shelter houses men, women, children, and families, and is one of the last shelters heading west into Kansas. The graciousness and empathy the shelter showed for its residents was truly moving.

Salina Rescue Mission:
Our second stop of the day visited the Salina Rescue Mission, a shelter focused on providing housing and rehabilitation services to residents. The Salina location was the furthest shelter into western Kansas, leaving residents for miles around without access to food and shelter. Because of its location, it sees individuals from every corner across Kansas. Our team was sent to work immediately upon arrival. The mission was preparing for the winter season, and needed to freeze and preserve the fresh produce donated to the kitchen. After shucking corn and freezing blueberries, we had the opportunity to serve dinner to the residents. Everyone was so grateful, and we had a great time getting to know the community!

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