Businessman Greg Orman’s Independent Campaign For Senate Releases New TV Ad

Ad “What’s Wrong” Takes on Broken Washington, Political Attacks

Orman: Washington Politicians Like Senator Roberts Would “Rather Attack Opponents Than The Problems We Face.”

SHAWNEE, Kan. — Businessman and Independent U.S. Senate candidate Greg Orman released a new ad today titled “What’s Wrong.” The ad features Orman talking about his commitment to fixing the broken system in Washington – the same broken system Senator Roberts is clinging to while he and his new Washington operatives wage an increasingly desperate and negative campaign.

“Roberts has claimed credit for a Kansas project he voted against, doctored a video to falsify Greg’s comments and misled on Greg’s positions in an attack ad – and that’s just in the last week,” said Orman campaign manager Jim Jonas. “Kansans are tired of dishonest attacks from career politicians who have made a mess of Washington. Republicans, Democrats and Independents are joining Greg Orman’s independent campaign because they know that both parties are failing us, and we need to do things differently.”

In “What’s Wrong,” Orman speaks directly to Kansans about how dishonest political attacks like those from Senator Roberts are part of the broken system in Washington and are failing our state. A full transcript of the ad is included below.

View Orman's new ad here:

As a businessman with a record of building successful companies and creating jobs in Kansas and around the country, Greg Orman is a proven problem solver – exactly what we need in Washington. After 47 years in Washington, Senator Roberts has become part of the problem, and his latest ads are the most recent testament to that. Reporters and fact-checkers across Kansas and nationally looked at Senator Roberts'new ads this week and found they mislead on both Orman’s and Roberts’ records.

Pat Roberts is attacking me. And that’s exactly what’s wrong with Washington today. They’d rather attack opponents than the problems we face. I tried both parties, and like many Kansans I’ve been disappointed with both. As an independent, I won’t answer to either party. I’ll answer only to the people of Kansas. I’ll stand up for the best idea, regardless of who thought of it. I’m Greg Orman and I approve this message. Because while they attack and try to label me, our country’s problems only get worse.

For more information about Greg Orman and his Independent campaign for U.S. Senate, please visit the campaign online at or contact Sam Edelen at or 913-730-6243.

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