Campaign Finance - Increased Disclosure Requirements

Citizens United is now the law of the land,  but that doesn’t mean we should accept unlimited donations made in secret. All political spending should be subject to the same rigorous disclosure requirements made of candidates for federal office,  thereby allowing voters to make informed decisions about candidates.

Any group that spends more than $5, 000 to elect or defeat a candidate in a federal election should be required to file with the FEC within 24 hours of spending near an election, just as regulated outside groups are required to today.  Whether it is a labor union,  a (c)4 organization,  or direct spending by a corporation or individual,  the public has a right to know who is spending money to influence our elections.

In addition,  they should be required to file regular reports with the FEC just like parties and PACs are required to today.  It is important that charitable giving be kept private,  but that cannot be used as an excuse to hide donations meant to influence an election as is done today.

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