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Orman on track to tackle college loan challenge

Sarah Kessinger
The Marysville Advocate

There is no candidate in Kansas political races this year who has paid much heed to the Great Weight holding down and holding back this generation of young American adults.

No candidate except for Greg Orman.

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Kansas Senate radio ads face scrutiny

Dave Helling
The Kansas City Star

Did a local political action committee run afoul of campaign laws?

Federal Election Commission records show a political action committee named the Visionary Leaders Fund spent $76,000 Tuesday on radio ads opposing Greg Orman’s Senate candidacy in Kansas.

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New attack ads marking closure of Senate race

Tim Carpenter
The Topeka-Capital Journal

A barrage of TV and radio commercials rained down Wednesday in the scorched-earth campaign for U.S. Senate to affirm Republican Pat Roberts, independent Greg Orman and well-financed PACs intend to keep swinging until the end.

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Voter Guide: Races In Kansas, Amendments In Missouri


4:05 - 4:51 - Audio clip:

"Kraske: It seems to me there’s a new issue in this race that’s emerging in just the past few days – I posted something on the Star’s website about this – and that’s how many committee hearings Sen. Roberts has missed. What’s going on there Peggy?

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Orman is the pick here

The Salina Journal

Sen. Roberts has conducted himself in embarrassing fashion

Orman is the pick here

In the twilight of his long political career, Sen. Pat Roberts seems hell-bent on destroying the image he spent decades building.

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Roberts Posts Low Attendance Record

Patrick Lowry
The Hutchinson News

The photo of U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts on his Senate website shows him seated in a committee room, apparently talking to someone giving testimony. The nearby seats for his fellow committee members are empty.

However, its Roberts' attendance - or absence - at committee hearings that is drawing scrutiny as he runs for a fourth term.

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Endorsements: Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House

The Wichita Eagle

U.S. Senate

Based on his positive agenda and commitment to reject partisan politics, independent Greg Orman is the best choice for U.S. Senate.

Like most Kansans, Orman is sick of the gamesmanship and gridlock in Washington, D.C. Too many senators are more concerned about getting re-elected and scoring political points than moving our country forward. He correctly faults both parties and their leaders for the dysfunction – pledging, if elected, not to vote for either Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., or Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., for majority leader.

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