FACT CHECK: Senator Roberts’ Special Interest Allies Trot Out More Of The Same False Political Attacks

Roberts' Allies Launch Desperate Effort to Rescue Flagging Campaign and Protect the Broken Political System in DC

SHAWNEE, Kan. — After begging outside groups to come in and save his increasingly desperate campaign, Senator Roberts' allies are spreading the same misleading information as Roberts' campaign, trotting out the discredited claims about Greg Orman.

"Greg Orman is a successful businessman with a record of starting and growing companies, creating jobs and solving problems. Senator Roberts' special interest allies in Washington are repeating the same old misleading attacks to protect the broken system in Washington, and because Senator Roberts is desperate to keep his job. Kansans are fed up with the political games in Washington, and they’re supporting businessman Greg Orman because he’ll be an independent voice for Kansas," said Orman for Senate campaign manager Jim Jonas.

Get the facts on the Washington attacks:


“It's a simple question, do you support President Obama and his liberal agenda? or do you believe that Kansas and America can do better?”


If you listen to Pat Roberts and his Washington buddies, they’ll tell you that President Obama and Democrats are the reason Washington is such a mess. But the other half of the mess? Pat Roberts and the Republicans.

The truth is Greg Orman doesn’t believe either party has a monopoly on good ideas and has specifically opposed the President’s healthcare law.

“Independent walks tightrope in Senate bid in Kan.,” Thomas Beaumont, AP, 9/10/2014.

During a 30-minute talk with a dozen employees at Bardavon Health Innovations, Orman described President Barack Obama's signature health care law as not achieving the goal of decreasing health care costs and said he would have opposed it.


Greg Orman is supported by liberal Democrats


Greg Orman has been endorsed by people of both parties.

“Challenge to Roberts has notable twists,” Mary Clarkin, Hutchinson News, 9/3/2014.

Traditional Republicans for Common Sense declared its endorsement of Orman on Wednesday morning in a Statehouse news conference . . .
Besides Yonally, other participants at the Orman endorsement included former legislators Tim Owens, Overland Park, and Rochelle Chronister, Neodesha. The latter is also former chairwoman of the Kansas Republican Party.
Orman’s “views are in line with the goals of our group,” Yonally said. Orman describes his philosophy as “fiscally responsible” and “socially tolerant.”
“We are in need of a change,” Owens said. “We’ve drifted to the extremes on both ends.” Orman will be able to reach across the aisle, working with members of both parties, Owens said.


Greg has donated to Democratic politicians like Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama


Greg has given to members of both parties, and he’s also contributed significantly to independent political causes aimed at reforming our broken political system

Greg has tried to support candidates from both parties over the years - and like a lot of voters, he's been disappointed time and again. That's why he's running as an Independent. The system is broken, and we have to try something new.

Greg has given numerous times to Republicans, and as a registered Republican for years:

Scott Brown for Congress, $2,000, 1/12/2010
Republican National Committee, $250, 6/12/1997
Republican National Committee, $250, 10/23/1996
Todd Akin for Congress, $2,000, 1/30/2006
National Republican Congressional Committee, $350, 2/22/1999
National Republican Congressional Committee, $250, 4/13/1998
National Republican Congressional Committee, $500, 12/18/2001
Adam Taff for Congress, $250, 9/21/2002
David Adkins (KS Atty General), $1,000, 6/5/2002
Mary Seifert Gov. Dist Committee (MN), $500, 9/30/2002
Harry E. McDonald III (KS Board of Education), $100, 6/28/2006
Annie Presley for Kansas City (MO), $500, 1/26/2011.
Eric Carter (Insurance Commissioner), $2,000, 10/8/2005

More recently, Greg has contributed significantly to independent groups trying to fix our broken political system. Some of these include:

-Common Sense Coalition: contributions totaling more than $200,000
-Americans Elect: $25,000
-The Concord Coalition: $10,000

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