FACT CHECK – What’s Wrong With Washington: Only Person to Vote for $700 Billion in Medicare Cuts is Roberts

FACT CHECK – What’s Wrong With Washington: Only Person to Vote for $700 Billion in Medicare Cuts is Roberts

Roberts Voted TWICE For the $700 Billion In Medicare Cuts His Ad Attacks

Champion of Medicare Cuts Roberts Voted For Will Join Roberts on Campaign Trail In Kansas Tomorrow.

SHAWNEE, Kan. — Senator Roberts’ increasingly desperate campaign is now launching a new round of hypocritical attacks on Medicare. The fact is that Senator Roberts voted – twice – for the $700 billion in Medicare cuts his ad attacks. Though he’s missed the vast majority of his committee hearings and rarely shows up for the job taxpayers pay him to do in Washington – where he lives – he apparently found time to vote for these Medicare cuts twice. While Greg Orman has always been clear her would have voted against the legislation cited by Senator Roberts in his attack ad, it's surprising that Senator Roberts would launch such a desperate, hypocritical false attack.

“Washington is broken, and Senator Roberts’ desperate, misleading attacks continue to prove he’s part of the problem there. Senator Roberts has failed to show up for his job over 65% of the time, but he found time to vote for these $700 billion in Medicare cuts – twice!” said Orman for Senate Campaign Manager Jim Jonas. “Kansans are tired of the misleading attacks and partisan politics in Washington, and they want someone who will actually solve problems and get things done. Kansans are supporting Greg Orman because he’s a successful businessman with a record of starting and growing companies, creating jobs and solving problems.”




FALSE ATTACK: It’s Senator Roberts – NOT Greg Orman – Who Voted To Cut Billions From Medicare


“Obamacare cut billions for Medicare for seniors.”

FACT: Only one candidate has ever voted to cut $700 billion from Medicare, and that’s Senator Roberts. Senator Roberts has voted twice for $700 Billion in Medicare Cuts.


Republicans have said that Obamacare cuts $700 billion from Medicare, and the truth is that the Republican budget, the Ryan Budget, has also cut that same amount.


“Ryan’s plan includes $700 billion in Medicare ‘cuts,’ says Stephanie Cutter,” Angie Drobnic Holan, PolitiFact.com, 8/15/2012

Cutter [Obama spokeswoman] said that Romney attacked Obama for cutting $700 billion out of Medicare, but "Paul Ryan protected those cuts in his budget." . .  . .


Cutter is correct that the Ryan budget plan included cost savings that were part of the future health care law.  . . . Cutter was right about the Ryan plan. We rate her statement True.



Pat Roberts voted in favor of the Ryan Budget, and in favor of cutting $700 billion from Medicare. He voted for the Ryan Budget on May 16, 2012.


On the Motion to Proceed (Motion to proceed to consider H. Con.Res. 112), Vote #98, 5/16/2012.


Roberts also voted in favor of the Ryan Budget in March 2013, when he voted in favor of an amendment to the Murray Budget that replaced text of the resolution with the Ryan budget

On the Amendment (Murray Amdt. No. 433), Vote #46, 3/21/2013.


FALSE ATTACK: Senator Roberts Claims Orman Supports Affordable Care Act – He Doesn’t.


“Now, Greg Orman says he won’t end Obamacare.”

FACT: Greg Orman has always been clear he would have voted against the Affordable Care Act


Orman contributed money to Scott Brown in early 2010, when Scott Brown was running for Senate to be the deciding vote against the Affordable Care Act.


$2,000 to Scott Brown on 1/12/2010 [Open Secrets]


And has made his position on current attempts to repeal clear:


During a 30-minute talk with a dozen employees at Bardavon Health Innovations, Orman described President Barack Obama's signature health care law as not achieving the goal of decreasing health care costs and said he would have opposed it.


"I thought at the time we were expanding a broken system," he told the AP. But he also called Republican attempts to repeal the law impractical, considering that Obama remains in office and would veto any repeal. "It sounds like a hollow political promise they can't keep." [AP, 9/10/2014]


And Roberts, in yet another push for playing bitter, partisan politics, has already been called out for making this misleading claim:


“Trouble is, the source material cherry-picked by the Roberts camp also explained that Orman said he wouldn’t have voted for the Affordable Care Act. Instead, he thought that repeated efforts to repeal the signature initiative of the sitting president were a huge waste of time… There’s nothing new, or even unusual, about politicians skewing the truth or repeating misleading statements to voters. But the level of misinformation from the Roberts camp – and the sophomoric way in which it’s being doled out – reeks of a campaign in the throes of fearful desperation.” [Hutchinson News,9/17/2014]


FACT: Orman Has Made Clear That He Would Support a Plan To Replace or Reform The ACA With Something Better


“I would support a viable plan to replace or reform the ACA that will actually reduce health care costs and protect access to good quality health insurance, including protections against unreasonable premium increases, lifetime limits on coverage or patients being denied coverage for "pre-existing conditions."” [Lawrence Journal World, 10/4/14]



FALSE ATTACK: Senator Roberts Falsely Attacks Greg’s Independence


“Greg Orman an Independent? What a joke.”

FACT: Greg’s Been Both a Registered Republican and a Registered Democrat, But He’s Spent Most of His Adult Life As a Registered Independent.


In 2001 Greg changed his Kansas registration status from Republican to unaffiliated.  He registered as a Democrat in November of 2007 as he was contemplating running for the Senate.  He changed back unaffiliated in February of 2010 and has been unaffiliated ever since.


Read More About Greg’s Background as An Independent:



FACT: Businessman Greg Orman Is Drawing Support From Across The Political Spectrum For His Independent Campaign


Journal-World: “Former GOP lawmakers support Orman for Senate”[Lawrence Journal World, 9/3/14]


Eagle: “Senate candidate Greg Orman receives endorsements from former Republican lawmakers” [Wichita Eagle, 9/3/14]


Capital Journal: “Republican group endorses Orman for Senate”[Topeka Capital Journal, 9/3/14]


WIBW: “GOP Group Stands Behind Independent Orman” [WIBW,9/23/14]


Orman Earned Endorsement of More Than 70 Former GOP Lawmakers. Reported the Wichita Eagle, “More than 70 former Republican lawmakers announced their support for the independent candidate for U.S. Senate over incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts on Wednesday. Traditional Republicans for Common Sense, which is made up of moderate Republicans who have served in the Kansas Legislature, chose to endorse Greg Orman over Roberts and Democrat Chad Taylor.” [Wichita Eagle, 9/3/14]


Orman Earned Support From From GOP State Chair. Reported the Wichita Eagle, “Rochelle Chronister, a former GOP state chairwoman who has endorsed Orman, praised the independent as someone “who is not afraid of the far right radicals” and who will work toward solutions.” [Wichita Eagle, 9/28/14]


AP: “Democrat Endorses Orman for US Senate” [AP, 8/22/14]


Orman Drawing Support Because Of Bipartisan Promise. Reported the Associated Press, “Sherow says many Democrats are supporting Orman because of his promise of bipartisanship…Sherow said strict party lines are breaking down in Kansas and a core middle ground is emerging.” [AP,8/22/14]



FALSE ATTACK: Senator Roberts False Attacks Ignore That Greg Has Given Heavily to Both Parties – And Independent Groups


“Greg Orman donated thousands to help elect Obama.”

FACT: Greg Orman Has Donated to Candidate From Both Parties, But He’s Given More to Independent Groups Trying to Fix Our Broken Political System


Greg has tried to support candidates from both parties over the years - and like a lot of voters, he's been disappointed time and again.  That's why he's running as an Independent.  The system is broken, and we have to try something new.


  • Scott Brown for Congress, $2,000, 1/12/2010
  • Republican National Committee, $250, 6/12/1997
  • Republican National Committee, $250, 10/23/1996
  • National Republican Congressional Committee, $350, 2/22/1999
  • National Republican Congressional Committee, $250, 4/13/1998
  • National Republican Congressional Committee, $500, 12/18/2001
  • Adam Taff for Congress, $250, 9/21/2002
  • David Adkins (KS Atty General), $1,000, 6/5/2002
  • Mary Seifert Gov. Dist Committee (MN), $500, 9/30/2002
  • Harry E. McDonald III (KS Board of Education), $100, 6/28/2006
  • Annie Presley for Kansas City (MO), $500, 1/26/2011.
  • Eric Carter (Insurance Commissioner), $2,000, 10/8/2005


In recent years, Greg has contributed to more to independent groups, trying to change our political process:


Common Sense Coalition: contributions totaling more than $200,000

Americans Elect: $25,000

Concord Coalition: $10,000



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