In Debate Roberts Lies to Kansas About Why He Missed Crucial Senate Hearing On the Ebola Virus Crisis

In Debate Roberts Lies to Kansas About Why He Missed Crucial Senate Hearing Outlining the Ebola Virus Crisis

Roberts Claimed Senate Was “Out of Session” – but He Voted Twice in the Senate That Day

Where was Senator Roberts instead? What did Senator Roberts think was more important?

SHAWNEE, KS – Sen. Pat Roberts misled Kansans at last night’s debate with businessman and independent Senate candidate Greg Orman when he claimed a joint Senate hearing on the Ebola virus - which he skipped - was held when the Senate was “out of session.

“The hearing was held out of session during September and it was held on the Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee - nothing of substance came of it,” Roberts said at the debate, after being challenged by Orman for being a no-show at a hearing.

Not only was the Senate actually in session that day, but Roberts was in the Capitol and cast two votes on the Senate floor, voting against the nominations of Jeffery Martin Baran and Stephen G. Burns to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Roberts’ fellow Senator, Jerry Moran, not only attended the hearings but was “an outspoken participant,” according to press reports.

 “This shows why Washington is broken,” said Orman campaign manager Jim Jonas. “On an issue of huge concern to Kansans, Senator Roberts failed to show up for work, and last night he lied to Kansans about why. The threat of Ebola is an incredibly serious issue and Senator Roberts should have taken it seriously. The fact that Senator Roberts couldn’t be bothered to show up for work and is now lying to Kansans about it is just one more reason he should be fired.”

The hearing, held on Sept. 16, was listed as a "Joint Full Committee Hearing on Ebola in West Africa: A Global Challenge and Public Health Threat" and featured two panels of government health experts testifying.

Skipping committee work is a pattern with Roberts who has missed 65 percent of the hearings of the Senate Agriculture Committee, including important hearings on the financial crisis, drought and disaster assistance.

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