Independent Senate candidate Greg Orman makes last-minute Emporia visit

Independent Senate candidate Greg Orman makes last-minute Emporia visit

AJ Dome

Emporia was the site of a last-minute stop for U.S. Senate candidate Greg Orman Sunday. Orman is running as an Independent against incumbent Pat Roberts and Democrat Chad Taylor for the Senate seat. Orman says his campaign is going well after turning in 11,600 signatures to get on the ballot.

Orman, a Minnesota native with family roots in Stanley, Kansas, says almost every Kansan they've run into wants people to go to Washington and solve problems, not position themselves for political advantage. Orman says his choice to run as an Independent allows him to better serve the needs of Kansans, not any particular party or special interest.

Orman says he's answered questions about a wide range of hot-button topics, especially health care.

Orman also says agriculture is a big topic of discussion, and the ability for rural areas to survive and thrive with the help of good agricultural policy is key.

The Emporia stop was the wrap-up of an eight-day bus tour for Orman and his family. Orman is a business manager and consultant who lives in Olathe with his wife and two dogs.

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