Independent U.S. Senate candidate Greg Orman launches statewide ad campaign

Independent U.S. Senate candidate Greg Orman launches statewide ad campaign

SHAWNEE, Kan. — Olathe businessman and entrepreneur Greg Orman, the Independent candidate running for U.S. Senate, today announced the start of a statewide ad campaign to air on broadcast, cable and radio outlets in every Kansas media market.

Mr. Orman’s first television ad, a 30 second commercial titled “Stuck,” is a visually engaging critique on the state of partisan polarization in Washington with scenes depicting the endless tug of war stalemate between political extremists on the Left and Right.

You can view the ad “Stuck” here:

A second television ad titled “Businessman” highlights Mr. Orman’s background as an entrepreneur, job creator and common-sense problem solver.

You can view the ad “Businessman” here:

Scripts for both ads are copied below.

Mr. Orman unveiled the statewide ad campaign Thursday during press conferences in Kansas City and Wichita, just six weeks after formally entering the race. Orman is collecting 5,000 signatures of registered Kansas voters as part of the petition drive to qualify him for the general election ballot in November.

For more information about Greg Orman and his Independent campaign for U.S. Senate, please visit the campaign online at or contact Sam Edelen at or 913-730-6243.



Orman ad script for “Stuck” (:30)

*Close up of hands and feet sliding in the mud from each side of the Tug of War with the American flag dangling in the middle middle*

Tuggers: *Grunts...*

*Orman to camera- GFX: Greg Orman, Businessman*

Orman: Washington’s stuck between two parties who care more about winning than they care about our country.

*Red team tugging rope. Blue team tugging rope.*

*Medium shot of center of rope with the American flag by both red and blue front tuggers.*

Orman: We can get back on track if we just find common ground.

*Orman to camera- GFX: Greg Orman, Common Sense Solutions*

Orman: Most Kansans just want government to live within it’s means and stop telling the rest of us how to live our lives.

*Orman gestures to teams*

Orman : Hey, you guys [accomplishing anything?]

*Red tug of war anchor shakes his head, no.*

Tugger: *Grunts…*

 *Orman to camera- GFX: Greg Orman, Independent of U.S. Senate*

Orman: Didn’t think so. I’m Greg Orman, the Independent for U.S. Senate and I approve this message because something has to change.



Paid for by Orman for U.S. Senate.  Approved by Greg Orman.



Orman ad script for “Businessman” (:30) 

*Orman to camera- GFX: Greg Orman, Businessman*

Orman: Washington’s broken.  We all know it.   And that threatens the future of every Kansan.

*B-roll of American flags, Kansas landscape*

Orman: The country that put a man on the moon, put computers on the head of a pin and harnessed the power of the atom is capable of doing great things.

B-roll of Greg Orman working, talking to Kansans, Washington B-roll

*Greg Orman to camera, GFX: Greg Orman, Problem Solving, Not Partisanship*

Orman: I’m a businessman who solves problems everyday and I believe we can have another American century if we elect problem solvers, not extreme partisans.

*Greg Orman to camera, GFX: Logo*

Disclaimer:  Paid for by Orman for U.S. Senate.  Approved by Greg Orman.



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