New Reports On Senator Roberts’ Inflammatory Rhetoric Show He’s Part Of the Problem In Washington

Orman Campaign: “This is Exactly the Kind of Inflammatory Rhetoric That Dominates the Partisan Debate In Washington and That Kansans Are Tired Of”

SHAWNEE, Kan. — News reports around Kansas and the country show Senator Pat Roberts warning those attending a campaign event on Monday that the United States was “headed for national socialism.” Roberts’ campaign manager was forced to clarify that he “meant in the context of an expanding government, not Nazism, which the term traditionally refers to.”

“This is exactly the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that dominates the partisan debate in Washington and that Kansans are tired of,” said Orman for Senate campaign Manager Jim Jonas. “Washington is broken because politicians like Senator Roberts are too busy using scare tactics and calling each other names instead of getting things done. Kansans know we’ve got to do things differently, and that’s why they’re supporting businessman Greg Orman’s independent campaign for Senate.”

Over the last few weeks, Senator Roberts’ campaign has waged an increasingly desperate campaign focused on scare tactics and misleading negative attacks. Their flailing attacks led The Hutchinson News to write of Roberts’ campaign that “the level of misinformation from the Roberts camp – and the sophomoric way in which it’s being doled out – reeks of a campaign in the throes of fearful desperation.”

Roberts and his inflammatory rhetoric are part of the problem in Washington

HEADLINE: “Sen. Pat Roberts warns of ‘national socialism’ taking root”
[The Washington Times, 9/24/14]

Sen. Pat Roberts warns of ‘national socialism’ taking root. Reported the The Washington Times, “Sen. Pat Robert took on a campaign buddy — former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole — at a recent Dodge City event to raise money to keep his Kansas seat, warning those in attendance that it’s not long before America turns the corner on the Constitution and takes on a more permanent socialistic feel.” [The Washington Times, 9/24/14]

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