Newest Orman Campaign Ad “Republicans For Orman” Highlights Businessman Greg Orman’s Support From Across Political Spectrum

Newest Orman Campaign Ad “Republicans For Orman” Highlights Businessman Greg Orman’s Support From Across Political Spectrum

Republican Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger Says “I’ll Be Voting For Greg Orman”

Praeger: Independent Orman Needed to Break Washington Gridlock

SHAWNEE, Kan – Olathe businessman and Independent candidate for U.S. Senate Greg Orman today released a new ad today featuring an endorsement from Republican Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger. Praeger – a current Republican statewide elected official – is among many the current and former Republican elected officials who are backing Orman’s campaign. In early September, Traditional Republicans for Common Sense – a group of more than seventy Republican former elected officials – endorsed Orman’s campaign. In the ad, Praeger says she’s supporting Orman because she’s ready for “a fresh face” who will “represent the best interests of Kansas.”

“Kansans like Sandy know that Washington is broken because too many politicians like Senator Roberts are busy playing tired political games, and refuse to work together and solve problems,” said Orman.

In the ad – titled “Republicans for Orman” – Praeger says she grew up a Republican and has been elected as a Republican, but believes Washington is gridlocked because both sides won’t work together. Orman, she said, can “find ways to work with both sides of the aisle to end the gridlock.”

The ad highlights the extensive support that Orman is receiving from across the political spectrum for his independent campaign for Senate.

A full transcript of the ad is included below and you can view the ad here.


Sandy Praeger: I’ve run as a Republican. I grew up in a Republican household. We see such gridlock in Washington. They won’t work together. I’m ready for a fresh face. Someone who will represent the best interests of Kansas. Greg Orman wants to make a difference. Finding innovative ways to solve problems. Being an independent gives him the opportunity to find ways to work with both sides of the aisle, to end the gridlock. I’ll be voting for Greg Orman.

Greg Orman: I’m Greg Orman and I approve this message.

For more information about businessman Greg Orman and his Independent campaign for U.S. Senate, please visit the campaign online at For media inquires, please contact Sam Edelen at or Mike Phillips at, or call Sam at 913-730-6243.

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