RECORD IN BUSINESS AND WORK SOLVING PROBLEMS Orman Called “Thoughtful”, “Breath of Fresh Air”, Hailed for Common Sense Approach

Newspapers Blast Roberts' Failed Record and His Failure to Show Up to Over 65% of His Committee Hearings

Shawnee, KS – Over the last few weeks, businessman Greg Orman’s independent campaign for Senate has been widely endorsed by newspapers across Kansas, who have highlighted Greg’s common sense approach focused on problem solving, and slammed Senator Roberts' partisan record as part of the problem in Washington. Newspapers were also highly critical of Roberts on recent reports that he’s skipped over 65% of his committee hearings and isn’t showing up to do the job Kansans are paying him to do, even though he lives in Washington.

Below are some of the endorsements Greg has received from major local papers in Kansas. Just this weekend, Greg received additional endorsements from the Wichita Eagle, the Salina Journal and the Garden City Telegram.

The Kansas City Star:

“Thoughtful and well-versed on crucial issues, Orman is a successful Olathe businessman who has the needed background to work with other senators to handle the huge budgetary problems roiling Congress right now. But Orman also comprehends the political decisions that must be made to break the destructive gridlock that has made Washington a laughingstock. Kansans deserve a senator who won’t evaluate issues strictly on a hyper-partisan basis — as Roberts and too many members of both parties tend to do these days. Instead, Orman wants to reduce the dysfunction and approve practical ways to deal with immigration reform, control costs of entitlement programs, pass transportation funding and make meaningful decisions on dozens of other high-profile matters.”

The Wichita Eagle:

“Contrary to the claims in the millions of dollars’ worth of negative ads run against him, Orman is candid and a centrist. National conservative political columnist George Will marveled that Orman “discusses policy problems with a fluency rare among Senate candidates and unusual among senators,” adding that “the Senate’s intellectual voltage would be increased by Orman’s election.”…Though Roberts has been known for his good-natured wit, he now seems mean-spirited. When asked at a recent debate to say something nice about Orman, Roberts didn’t. Many of his campaign ads – both in the primary and general election – have been downright awful. Even worse, Roberts can’t seem to communicate why he should be re-elected, other than to repeat – as he did ad nauseam during debates – that he will oppose Harry Reid and President Obama. Shouldn’t Kansans expect more than that? Recent reports that Roberts missed nearly two-thirds of the Senate Agriculture Committee hearings during the past 15 years also raise doubts about how committed he is to the job.”

The Garden City Telegram:

“While Orman offers solid ideas on the campaign trail, Roberts relies on an obsessive and desperate attempt to link his opponent to Senate Majority Leader Reid and President Obama. Orman was right in calling such baseless attacks more proof of what’s wrong with Washington. Kansans deserve better than business as usual. They deserve the dedicated, energetic and visionary representation Orman would deliver, making him the clear choice for voters on Nov. 4.”

The Salina Journal:

“Roberts has shown himself to be, at heart, just another political hack saying whatever's necessary to hang onto his job. And now comes news that Roberts, whose campaign calls him a "tireless warrior for Kansas agriculture," has missed about two-thirds of the Senate Ag Committee meetings in the past 15 years. If Kansans send Orman to Washington, the hope is that with control of the Senate in the balance that he'll be able to barter with both sides to the benefit of Kansas. In any event, we'd have someone who is thoughtful, rational and not beholden to the powers that be.”

The Hutchinson News:

“Roberts' residency in Kansas has been a farce for many years. What's more revealing is the report just this week that since 2000 Roberts has attended barely one-third of Senate Agriculture Committee meetings. This from the senator who calls himself the "father" of key farm legislation. A picture is emerging of a senator who, at age 78, is tired and cranky. He's sold his soul to extremist elements of the party out of desperation to keep his job and become a puppet of the political hacks, who have him reciting the tea party lines and doing little more to discredit his challenger than try to link him to President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. That challenger is Greg Orman, who having affiliated in the past as both Republican and Democrat, is making a historic run as an independent. And for those who are frustrated with the hyperpartisanship in Washington, Orman represents a breath of fresh air, in stark contrast to Roberts whose campaign is riding on an assumption that most voters aren't sophisticated enough to pick candidates on any basis other than label.”

The Hays Daily News:

“Roberts is promising to toe the GOP line and invoking Obama's name in a desperate campaign. Kansans deserve better. The stalemate gripping the nation's capital is self-imposed and caused by politicians who want jobs, cater to special interests, and refuse to solve problems that affect most of the country's citizens. Greg Orman recognizes the broken system -- and has shed party affiliation to fight it. Once a Republican and once a Democrat, the independent candidate will commit to neither party's caucus.”

The Winfield Courier:

“Orman’s early success in business gives him credibility as a problem-solver. His personal appeal makes him an easy candidate to support. Orman’s positions on issues — immigration, abortion, campaign finance and health care — are centrist, sensible positions many moderate Kansans can support. If he is elected, Orman will increase the leverage Kansas has in attacking our nation’s problems in the U.S. Senate. Greg Orman is part of a movement away from partisan gridlock and back towards compromise and real progress in Washington, D.C.”

For more information about businessman Greg Orman and his Independent campaign for U.S. Senate, please visit the campaign online at For media inquires, please contact our press office at or call us at 913-353-5277.

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