ONLY ON: Candidate Greg Orman discusses Kansas Senate race

ONLY ON: Candidate Greg Orman discusses Kansas Senate race

Shannon Halligan

“A major wildcard.” “A political tornado.” Those are just some of the terms people are calling the U.S. Senate race in Kansas. After Democrat Chad Taylor dropped out the tables turned. Now, incumbent Senator Pat Roberts trails his opponent, Independent Greg Orman.

Running for U.S. Senate is no walk in the park. That’s especially true in Kansas where voters haven’t elected a Democrat to the seat since before World War II.

However, the Independent candidate thought Kansans are looking for a change.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks for Orman and his wife Sybil.

The two spoke to 41 Action News in an exclusive interview.

While walking their two dogs at Shawnee Mission Dog Park, they talked about their campaign and the election that’s only seven weeks away.

The latest poll from SurveyUSA and KSN-TV showed the Independent ahead of incumbent Pat Roberts. That curve ball caught the attention of the nation.

Watch the second video for the full interview with Greg and Sybil Orman.

“I'm hoping that people start talking about how Kansas really changed the dynamic in Washington and was important and was meaningful instead of some of the stuff we hear about Kansas in the national media that ultimately isn't right,” Orman said.

The couple lives in Olathe. Sybil has spent her whole life there.

“I went to school here; I went to Olathe North. I went to K-State for a period of time. I went to KU. I'm back at KU. I've taught in Kansas, and I really want to do this,” Sybil explained.

The biggest shock in the race came when Democratic challenger Chad Taylor pulled out of the race.

However, Orman said that doesn't change anything for his campaign.

“We always assumed that when November came around that there would be a democrat, a republican and a problem solver on the ballot," Orman said. "So we're going to run the campaign the way we planned on running our campaign regardless of who’s on the ballot in November.”

Recently, questions came up about Orman's businesses

"Well I've said this often but I'm very proud of my private sector track record. I'm very proud of the jobs we've created, the opportunities that we've created for people," Orman said. "I'm more than happy to compare my private sector track record to Senator Roberts anytime because I think when you do that you'll realize he hasn't worked in the private sector and he hasn't created jobs.”

Despite the rollercoaster ride of a race, the couple said they’re prepared and excited for the campaign’s remaining few weeks.

“Now it's clear that in fact if you want a Kansas voter's vote you have to work for it and you have to earn it and I think that's a great thing,” Orman said.


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