Orman is the pick here

Orman is the pick here

The Salina Journal

Sen. Roberts has conducted himself in embarrassing fashion

Orman is the pick here

In the twilight of his long political career, Sen. Pat Roberts seems hell-bent on destroying the image he spent decades building.

Even if Roberts wins another six-years in the Senate, Kansans will never look at him the same way.

Before, most Kansans, if they thought of Roberts at all, probably remembered his years on the Senate Ag Committee, and as someone who exhibited common sense and a clever sense of humor.

But not now. Not after seeing the way he's acted since he's faced Independent Greg Orman in this election. Rather than talking about the issues, Roberts has tried to smear Orman as the new, best buddy of President Obama, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton.

We expected better from Roberts, who's been in Washington since the 1960s. With all that experience, we had hoped this could be a campaign about what matters in Kansans lives.

Instead, Roberts has shown himself to be, at heart, just another political hack saying whatever's necessary to hang onto his job.

And now comes news that Roberts, whose campaign calls him a "tireless warrior for Kansas agriculture," has missed about two-thirds of the Senate Ag Committee meetings in the past 15 years.

If Kansans send Orman to Washington, the hope is that with control of the Senate in the balance that he'll be able to barter with both sides to the benefit of Kansas. In any event, we'd have someone who is thoughtful, rational and not beholden to the powers that be

Even if Orman's not elected, he has conducted himself as we hope all politicians would -- with class, honesty, and striving always to be about the issues.

At some point in a career, a politician has to ask if it's worth staying in power if it means having to act the way Roberts has. Sadly, Roberts has answered that question in embarrassing fashion, and he and Kansas are the poorer for his answer. -- The Salina Journal



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