Orman: Nation's budget woes can't be fixed amid gridlock

Independent businessman leads Sen. Pat Roberts in polls

Michael Mahoney

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Greg Orman, the Independent candidate in the Kansas U.S. Senate race, said government shutdowns and sequestration, when automatic budget cuts took effect, serve as a great example of why people don't like Washington.

He said Washington is still feeling the effects of sequestration and the cuts that had to be automatically imposed because elected leaders could reach a budget deal.

"Sequestration is the greatest example of what's wrong with Washington today," Orman said.

The sequestration process, which cut programs both good and bad, was designed as a last resort to help deter lawmakers from letting the budget process drag out.

Orman said to straighten out the nation's finances, Congress must go after the bulk of government dollars that sequestration doesn't touch, the entitlement programs and managing off the federal debt.

"Ultimately, it is that other part of the budget that we're not spending much time focused on because it requires cooperation," Orman said.

He said he thinks Washington gridlock prevents Congress from finding better ways to handle the budget that sequestration cuts. Orman, who leads three-term Republican Sen. Pat Roberts in the polls, said Roberts is part of the problem.

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