Orman on track to tackle college loan challenge

Orman on track to tackle college loan challenge

Sarah Kessinger
The Marysville Advocate

There is no candidate in Kansas political races this year who has paid much heed to the Great Weight holding down and holding back this generation of young American adults.

No candidate except for Greg Orman.

Orman this week introduced his plan to start tackling college debt.

Just as medical costs climbed through the past two decades, college loan debt is now rising to an unsustainable level. What was a total $350 billion a decade ago is now surpassing $1 trillion in student loan debt.

Young people completing college and those who can’t afford to finish college are bearing tens of thousands of dollars in debt for their studies. Many parents are doing the same.

Young grads can’t find jobs with high enough wages to repay loans in a reasonable time. And so the interest mounts.

Orman suggests several steps to bring accountability to higher-education spending and reform student lending. His plan also includes protecting veterans from predatory lenders.

The alternative — ignoring the problem — isn’t a good one for our economic future.

Orman cites the Kauffman Foundation’s report that student loan debt is inhibiting entrepreneurship and business creation.

“We can do better,” Orman said in a statement Tuesday. “We can introduce common sense accountability reforms and help people understand the financial burden of a student loan.”

It sounds like a much-needed start, something that our current elected leaders have failed to do.

Vote Orman on Nov. 4.

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