Orman’s platform calls for reform of Congress

Mary Clarklin

Greg Orman, the Olathe businessman running as an independent for the U.S. Senate, announced a congressional reform plan that begins with term limits.

Other changes Orman called for Monday were:

  • An end to Congressional pensions;
  • A lifetime ban on lobbying by former members of Congress;
  • The elimination of leadership political action committees.

“Washington is broken, and we all know it. But there’s a path we can choose this November right here in Kansas that will force Washington to act on our behalf, and it starts with electing leaders of courage and conviction who are committed to enacting key reforms that will fundamentally change the influence of special interests on Congress,” Orman said in a press release.

Orman is running for the Senate seat held by Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Dodge City. Roberts entered the U.S. House in 1981, serving eight terms before entering the U.S. Senate. He is seeking his fourth six-year term in the Senate.

Orman called for a Constitutional amendment setting term limits. His preference is a 12-year limit, and said he would lead by example by pledging to serve no more than two terms – 12 years – in the Senate.

Many members of Congress, including Roberts, have a leadership PAC that provides a mechanism for raising money and then distributing it to the campaigns of others running for office or in office. Leadership PACs are separate from a lawmaker’s own campaign account.

Regarding pensions, Orman noted that the longest serving members can receive benefits in excess of $139,000 a year, while the average per capita income in Kansas is $26,845. He also pointed out that more than 415 former members of Congress are lobbying today.

Besides Roberts and Orman, Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor, a Democrat, and Libertarian Randall Batson, Wichita, are running for the Senate in the Nov. 4 general election.


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