Political pollution

Political pollution

Jeff Myrick
The Hutchinson News

In every political season, the televised mudslinging by most candidates is terrible, but this political cycle seems to be an all-time worst, at least here in Kansas. During presidential elections, we’re bombarded with negative ads, which go on top of state race ads.

This year, even without a presidential race, we’re still being hit with anti-Obama propaganda. Somehow, the Republican PACs, political advisers and even the candidates believe if they paint Senate candidate Greg Orman as an Obama liberal that it will stick. Desperate times call for desperate actions in the Sen. Pat Roberts camp evidently. But instead of slinging mud back, Orman tells voters he knows they’re smarter than to fall for it. That’s a refreshing change. Roberts had plenty of mud thrown at him during a primary race he barely won. Orman has chosen not the cherry-pick Roberts’ problems, such as renting space in a Dodge City home to qualify for Kansas residency.

Instead, Orman’s message remains the same. The political system, especially in Washington, D.C., is broken and needs to be fixed. Voters know that and they’ve known it for years. This is one of the few times an independent candidate who has a chance to win has stood up to say that.

That’s what political advertising should be. Positive. Instead, there’s the endless supply of attack ads that have become the norm over the years. It’s gotten even worse with the infusion of out-of-state PAC money used to fuel some of the advertising. It’s insulting.

If the Roberts campaign wasn’t bad enough, Gov. Sam Brownback chimed in this week with the infamous Carr brothers ad. You know the one involving the Wichita murder case with Reginald and Jonathan Carr. The Brownback camp claimed liberal justices on the Supreme Court had allowed the Carr brothers to get “off the hook.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. And to try to tie his opponent Paul Davis to it is despicable.

It’s just the latest, and possibly most egregious, case of advertising that can only be called political pollution. Voters are tired of the lies and deception. They deserve better from their politicians.

It’s time for change.


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