Report: Desperate Senator Roberts Now “Calling In Chits” From Lobbyist Friends and Neighbors In Washington, DC

Report: Desperate Senator Roberts Now “Calling In Chits” From Lobbyist Friends and Neighbors In Washington, DC

Roberts Reportedly Raising $100,000 A Day From DC Lobbyists In Desperate Bid to Save Flailing Campaign

SHAWNEE – According to a report this morning in Washington, DC newspaper The Hill, Senator Roberts is now calling in “chits” from his lobbyist friends and allies. In a story headlined “Lobbyists Try to Save Roberts,” The Hill reported that Roberts – now desperate for campaign cash – is cashing in all of the favors he’s accrued during his decades in Washington. According to The Hill, “Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) is leaning heavily on K Street as he tries to save the Senate seat he’s held for 18 years.”

“Kansans know Washington is broken, and Senator Roberts cashing in favors with lobbyists shows us exactly why. Instead of representing Kansans, Senator Roberts has been helping out lobbyists, and now they’re paying him back with campaign cash,” said Orman for Senate campaign manager Jim Jonas. “No matter how many false negative attack ads Senator Roberts uses his lobbyist cash to buy, Kansans know Washington is broken and they know Senator Roberts is part of the problem there.”

Senator Roberts has taken in more than $8 million from special interest PACs over the course of his four decades in Washington – an enormous amount. Now, he’s raking in an estimated $100,000 a day from special interest lobbyists in Washington, according to The Hill’s report.

As part of his independent campaign to fix what’s broken in Washington, businessman Greg Orman has pledged to fight for common sense campaign finance reforms to curb the corrupting influence of campaign contributions in Washington. You can read more about his plan here:

For more information about businessman Greg Orman and his Independent campaign for U.S. Senate, please visit the campaign online at For media inquiries contact Sam Edelen at or 913-730-6243 or Mike Phillips at

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