Senator Moran and his NRSC Should Condemn Senator Roberts’ Miserable Attendance Record – As They Have So Many Other Candidates’

Senator Moran and his NRSC Should Condemn Senator Roberts’ Miserable Attendance Record – As They Have So Many Other Candidates’

Moran’s NRSC Has Called Candidates’ Failure to Show Up For Work “Being Asleep At the Wheel,” “Abandonment of Her Responsibilities” and “The Wrong Priorities”

They Attacked One Candidate For Lying About Skipping A Hearing – Roberts Did That Just Last Week!

SHAWNEE, Kan. – Sen. Pat Roberts has been caught skipping out on the job Kansans pay him for, missing 65 percent of the Senate Agriculture Committee hearings, and over 85% of Senate Health Committee hearings over the past 15 years, according to press reports, and recently missing a key hearing on the Ebola virus and then lying about it to Kansans.

The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, chaired by Roberts’ fellow Senator Jerry Moran, is on record as being appalled by a Roberts-style attendance record in others. In ads and press releases the NRSC has accused Senate candidates who missed meetings, hearings and votes of “not showing up,” “being asleep at the wheel,” “lying” about where they were and having “the wrong priorities.”

On Friday, the Orman campaign called for Moran and the NRSC to condemn Roberts’ similarly atrocious record of attendance, and his failure to show up and do the job Kansans are paying him to do.

“Senator Roberts lives in Virginia, barely visits Kansas, and has failed to show up and do the job in Washington that the people of Kansas are paying him to do,” Orman for Senate campaign manager Jim Jonas said. “Senator Roberts barely shows up for his job, skips hearings, and then lies to Kansans about it. Senator Moran should immediately condemn Senator Roberts’ failure to show up for the job taxpayers are paying him to do, as he and his Senate Committee have done for so many other Senators and candidates around the country.”

Moran and the NSRC realize how important attendance is to voters, and have paid for millions of dollars worth of blistering attack ads and issued biting press releases highlighting the failure of other Senate candidates to show up for work. Meanwhile, the NSRC spent heavily to defend Senator Roberts during his primary campaign against Milton Wolf and is currently paying for attack ads for him that are blanketing Kansas airwaves.

Here are some of the things Moran and the NRSC have had to say about Congressional attendance for other Senate candidates, which would be similarly applicable – if not even more so – to Senator Roberts:

  • The NRSC attacked Senate candidate Congressman Bruce Braley (D-IA) in an ad for allegedly missing more floor votes than any other Iowa congressman and 68 percent of the hearings of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. From the ad: “Politician Bruce Braley loves Washington. He just doesn’t want to work there. In Congress, Braley has skipped twice as many votes as any other Iowa congressman. And when he sat on the Government Oversight Committee, Braley skipped 68 percent of the hearings. Bruce Braley isn’t showing up for Iowa.”
  • In a press release reminiscent of how Sen. Roberts skipped a hearing on the Ebola virus, and then lied about it, the NRSC had this to say about Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) for missing a hearing on ISIS to attend a fund raiser and then allegedly lying about it. The release said, “For weeks, Senator Hagan's campaign has lied about her absence and abandonment of her responsibilities. . . . Senator Hagan has been asleep at the wheel in Washington.”
  • Although Sen. Roberts missed 65 percent of the Agriculture Committee hearings over the past 15 years, the NRSC is attacking Senator Jean Shaheen (D-NH) in a press release for missing approximately half of her Foreign Relations Committee Hearings over the past two years. “This proves the Democratic machine controlling Washington is out of control and asleep at the wheel,” according to the NRSC release.
  • The NRSC launched an ad against Mark Udall for missing more than 60 percent of the public Armed Services Committee meetings, which is a better rate then Sen. Roberts’ attendance on the Agriculture Committee. From the ad: “Udall has missed over 60% of the public Armed Services Committee meetings – over 60 percent! Mark Udall – the wrong priorities for Colorado.”

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