Senator Roberts’ Desperate Campaign Reaches New Low In Yesterday’s Debate

Senator Roberts’ Desperate Campaign Reaches New Low In Yesterday’s Debate

Senator Roberts Attacks Orman For Supporting “Good Ideas.” Literally.

Overland Park (Oct. 9) – During yesterday’s debate at the Johnson County Public Policy Council with businessman and independent candidate for senate Greg Orman, Senator Roberts charged that Orman would go to the Senate on a “ridiculous” quest for “good ideas.”

“Who will he vote for,” Senator Roberts asked. “He’s just one independent who’s just going to go vote for people who have good ideas. That’s rather ridiculous.”

“Washington is broken is because politicians like Senator Roberts are too busy playing tired political games to actually work together and solve problems. The fact that Senator Roberts thinks good ideas are a bad thing says everything we need to know about his failed record in Washington,” said Orman for Senate Campaign Manager Jim Jonas. “Seeking out good ideas should be the mission of any senator who wants to really solve problems, and that’s why Kansans are continuing to support businessman Greg Orman’s independent campaign for Senate.”

Senator Roberts increasingly desperate and negative campaign has already been attacking Orman for anything they could think up, but attacking Orman working with people who have good ideas is a surprising new low. 

For more information about businessman Greg Orman and his Independent campaign for U.S. Senate, please visit the campaign online at For media inquires, please contact Sam Edelen at or Mike Phillips at, or call Sam at 913-730-6243.

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