The Second Amendment

I own two handguns. I believe in Second Amendment rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

Both times that I bought a handgun,  I was required to go through a mandatory background check to ensure that I was a U.S. citizen who hadn’t been convicted of domestic violence,  subject to a restraining order for harassing,  stalking,  or threatening behavior,  incarcerated for longer than a year,  dishonorably discharged from the military,  or determined to be mentally defective. Over 700, 000 people who met the description above have been prevented from buying firearms at licensed dealers since the background check requirements went into effect.

The idea that those 700, 000 people could simply head to a gun show and buy a firearm without the same background scrutiny doesn’t make sense to me. While there are likely other illegal ways for criminals to get firearms,  we shouldn’t make it easy for a violent offender or a mentally ill individual to get a gun. The process for me took a few minutes and ultimately resulted in me being able to buy my handguns without delay.

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