Voter Guide: Races In Kansas, Amendments In Missouri

Voter Guide: Races In Kansas, Amendments In Missouri


4:05 - 4:51 - Audio clip:

"Kraske: It seems to me there’s a new issue in this race that’s emerging in just the past few days – I posted something on the Star’s website about this – and that’s how many committee hearings Sen. Roberts has missed. What’s going on there Peggy?

Lowe: That was a great post, I read what you did yesterday. And what’s so funny is that Roberts has only showed up for something like 11 percent of the committee hearings that he is supposed to go to – those being intelligence and agriculture among them. And yet in 04, he was the guy . . . he was the soldier . . . for the Republicans that was chastising John Kerry and shaking his finger . . .

Kreske: Shaking his finger at the camera saying these hearings are important. Ya gotta be there.

Lowe: Attendance is so, so important. That karma has really come back to bite him in this election."

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