With Which Party Will You Caucus?

If I'm elected,  there’s a reasonable chance that neither party would have a majority in the US Senate. If that is the case,  I will work with the other independent Senators to caucus with the party that is most willing to face our country’s difficult problems head on and advance our problem-solving,  non-partisan agenda.

When it comes time to support a candidate for Majority Leader,  I'll encourage both parties to select a leader who has a demonstrated track record of working across the aisle as one indicator of his or her willingness to solve problems. I'll also look at responsible leaders from both sides like Democrat Heidi Heitkamp and Republican Lisa Murkowski who are willing to cross party lines to vote for what is right.

Both Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have been too partisan for far too long to earn my vote for Majority Leader.

With that said,  if one party is clearly in the majority,  I will seek to caucus with the party that was in the majority as that would be in the best interest of the state of Kansas.

But caucusing with a party does not mean voting with them on every issue. My vote to caucus with a party is dependent on their willingness to seek common-ground solutions to our nation's problems. That means I will vote on each bill individually, based on the content of the proposed legislation.

My first and only allegiance is to the people of Kansas -- not a political party -- so should the caucus I join fall into bad behavior,  I will represent the people of Kansas appropriately and vote on the merits of the legislation instead of how party bosses demand. I will always seek common sense solutions while maintaining my independence from either the Republicans or Democrats.

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